Saturday, May 5, 2012

Body Painting and Makeup

A special kind of body art is the body painting and makeup. This is the easiest and most common kind of body art. There are thousands of events where body is painted. Whether you are cheering for your team or just watching a live parade body painting makes you look perfect. People prefer painting their body and makeup for many reasons which include portraying their thoughts and feeling or just expressing their creativity. The process of body painting and makeup requires skills which take years to master. Many people paint their bodies just for fun. Clown put on makeup and painting to make themselves unique and funny. Similarly other people prefer body painting to make them look special and exceptional.
Painting the body and makeup requires special kinds of cosmetics and paint. These are easily available online on many websites. Be sure to use the right product which is approved by the FDA. For getting your body painted the first step is to imagine the painting that you want on your body. It is a better idea to draw the painting so that it is easier for the professional painter to easily paint your body. Although most people prefer painting on their face and chest but there are some who want their body to be completely painted. The next step is to get the right products and cosmetics for the body painting and makeup. In case if you are going to professional body painter, than the previous step is not required. Clean your body before getting it painted as it will help remove the dust and create a uniform film of paint on your body. Now be patient while the professional paints your body. After the process is complete than the part of drying the paint comes. The paint can be dried by a dryer or by standing under a fan. Once the drying process is complete so is the process of body painting.
There are some events in which people are naked and their bodies are painted and they have makeup on their face. One such event is Fremont Solstice Parade. In this event cyclist are naked with their whole bodies covered in paint. Although this event may seem bizarre but people really enjoy this exciting event. Body painting and makeup is a way of expressing thoughts and feeling. It makes people unique from others. Many people paint their bodies during protests to help other people and the government understands their true meaning. Body painting is truly exquisite.

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